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The following are some downloadable articles written by CAMD's trainers, we believe that they can inpsire and broaden your ideas on corporate training and adult learning......

, Lifelong Learning Teacher
, 3-Step Strategy: Save Money & Improve Business Communication Skills
, CAMD Secondments
, CAMD Selecting Corporate Learning Format
, CAMD Talent Management Intrapreneurship
, CAMD Corporate Learning Podcasts
, Adult Corporate Learning
, Good to Great
, Intensively Extensive Training
, Generations of Knowledge Management
, New Horizons for HR
, Project-Based Learning for Business Communications
, Relational Leadership in China
, Vision and Mission
, Globally Smart People Skills

HR For Expats C Leading Chinese Teams (October 2006) - Shanghai

^´Good practical examples and good concept of the workshop. Thanks for the good ideas´ ̄

Bruno Tanner

General Manager,
Sulzer Metco Surface Technology


and more´´