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Competency-Based Interview Skills (July 2008) - Tianjin

¡°¡­Thanks for the good interview skill workshop. It is very helpful and inspiring for our update of recruitment process and interview planning, which I finalize today. We implement a more structured way already from next week, so it must be considered as a success.¡±

August 5, 2008

Jonas Dan J
General Manager

NNIT (Tianjin) Technology Co. Ltd.

We understand China 's market requirements for improved effectiveness in business  communication, effective leadership and professional management.

 We assist our clients by assessing their needs and then designing and implementing  the appropriate skills improvement programs to help them reach business goals.

CAMD uses a very practical and hands-on methodology. Our unique project-based learning  approach clearly demonstrates measurable results (and shows tangible return on investment from training.)

Our customers are progressive multinational and local companies that want to enhance the development of key local staff. We continue to successfully facilitate corporate learning for large multi-national clients. Some of our most popular programs in China are:

Project-based Professional Communication Skills Program ¨C Level 1 (INTERMEDIATE)

¡¤ Effective Emails,

¡¤ Professional Telephoning,

¡¤ Productive Meetings,

¡¤ Focused Reports,

¡¤ Powerful Presentations.

Project-based Management Communication Skills Program ¨C Level 2 (ADVANCED)

¡¤ Negotiations,

¡¤ Interviews,

¡¤ Proposals,

¡¤ Contracts,

¡¤ Business Plans.

Management Skills Programs

¡¤ Executive Coaching,

¡¤ Leadership (Leader as Coach / Cross-Cultural Leadership),

¡¤ Cross-Cultural Communications,

¡¤ Stress Management.

Sales & Marketing Skills Programs

¡¤ Strategic Selling,

¡¤ High Impact Presentations,

¡¤ Integrated Marketing Plans,

¡¤ Champion Customer Service.

If you are interested in learning more about our services, we are available to meet and give you a short presentation about our business and learning methodology. This will also allow you to see examples of how we provide Return on Investment from training.

We would be happy to know more about your needs, goals and other important staff development initiatives where you are considering outsourced solutions.

We look forward to hearing from you. Contact us anytime.


Professional Communication Skills (2006) - Shanghai

¡°¡­I like the lessons about the business, for example the email, reports, and presentation. All of them are very helpful in our work especially the presentation, it gives us a good chance to show our abilities¡­¡±

Amanda Jin